So I have not posted much the past almost 2 years.  Deal with it.  I will try to post a bit more now.  Just a reminder though,  I am not much a writer.  The posts will be full of grammatical errors.  My bad.

This year I have been riding more than last year.  Last year I was consistently inconsistent with my riding.  It was to the point where I didn’t care anymore.  I did a few crits and some cyclocross.  I  did do the local Tuesday night cx races.  How can you NOT do those.  They were the highlight of my week through the fall.  It was a sad day on the Tuesday before thanksgiving when the races stopped for the winter.  I no longer knew what to do on my Tuesday nights.  Someone can only watch so much internet porn on Tuesday nights!  The winter passed and I stayed somewhat busy and active.  Finding new motivation through my team.

My team kicks ass!  It is such a diverse group of people through all different abilities.  But everyone has 2 things in common.  We like to ride bikes and we like to have fun.  It seems a LOT of people take this cycling thing all to seriously.  Don’t get me wrong we take our bike riding serious but we take having fun WHILE bike riding more serious.  That does not mean that some people on our team will rip your legs off on a ride or race.  They will.  But we keep things like and let the bike riding speak for itself.  We have more laughs than we do heartbeats while racing and that is the way it should be.

This weekend was Cedar Cross.  A 113 mile gravel ride/race.  Some people race it and some ride it.  There is also a “short course” which is 40 miles.  I decided to do the short course.  I am doing the hairy Hundred in 2 weeks and I was afraid that if I do the 113 miles this week there will be no way I will be riding 100 miles in 2 weeks.  The pain and agony would be to fresh in my mind to want to do 100 miles.  So I sandbagged and did the short course.  Rode with a few teammates and a couple of other riders from another local team.  We have a good time out there.  Well besides 3 freaking flats from one of our guys.  We are going to have an emergency meeting to see if he is off the team for picking shitty gear.  Most of our team did the 113 mile option.  My hats off to them.  Yes there were times that I felt like I should of done the longer course.  I was even thinking about it the night before the ride.  I was even thinking about it the morning of the ride.  Oh well.  I sandbagged.  It happens.  I admit it.  Opps.   The whole team kicked ass today.  Like I said it is because of this team I have found new fun and motivation to ride my bike.  I have been doing this a long time and it is awesome to find new fun and motivation in something such as riding a bike.

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