Losing my mind.

So this week has felt like that.  I was gone all week for work and it was mind overload of a wealth of new information.  We went through 2 books that were about 2″ think each.  Along with sitting in a classrooom for 5 days 7 hours a day! I was losing my mind!  It felt so good to be back home!  I decided to go for a little bike ride.  Well less than a mile from my house I hit a patch of fresh (and I mean FRESH) chip-n-seal road (http://www.wagnerpaving.com/services/chipnseal.htm).  Needless to say I went down and went down hard (thats what she said).  I have no memory of the crash or of my ride home.  After a trip to the ER and a CAT scan all things are good.  But the not remembering about 15 minutes of my life is kind of bugging me.  Oh well it could of been a lot worse.  It seems computer also tend to get dazed and confused as well (last ling in the pic below).  At least some software programmer somewhere has a sense of humor!

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