The bike fixes everything

I have  a friend whose motto is “the bike fixes everything”.  Man how true that is.  We all ride for different reason.  Different goals.  This bike riding gig for sure does not put a roof over my head.  It does not put food on my table.  Hell if anything it takes food off my table (have you seen bike prices lately?).  My motivation is well, I don’t know what exactly.  I guess if I didn’t ride I would surf the web all night or play video games.   I would stuff my face with all sorts of pizza and donuts.  That would never end well.

The one thing that amazes me though are the things that go through my mind while on two wheels.  A problem at work.  My honey do list that never seems to get completed.  What bill I forgot to pay.  How I’m going to handle a problem with the teenager in the house.  What I am going to cook for dinner. All while zipping down the road.  Sometimes though you are able to escape reality.  I mean that is one reason why I ride my bike.  Don’t get me wrong, my reality is not bad at all.  Hell my wife encourages me to go for rides.  Maybe she can tell if I’m getting grumpy, maybe I started to snore again, or she just wanted some alone time?  Either way she encourages my riding habit and that is a good thing.   The truly best rides are the ones where I don’t think of anything.  The rides where I can forget about reality for a few hours.  Usually reality is lost because i cant get enough oxygen to my brain.  My lungs and legs are burning way to bad to even be able to think about anything.  I’m on autopilot at this point.  Can’t think. Won’t think.  Don’t want to think.

I hung up the wheels right after Jingle Cross.  This was only suppose to last 1 week.  One week turned into two weeks. Two weeks turned into three weeks.

In all of my years of riding a bike many problems have been fixed.  Many a teenagers issues have been resolved (well not THAT many).  Many items on the honey do list have been crossed off.  Hours of snore-less sleep has been had.  Days of reality have been forgotten.  All because of the bike.

It’s time to solve some more problems.  Time to fix some teenager issues.  Time to escape reality for a bit (after I clean the Jingle Cross mud off of my bike first).

Yes the bike really does fix everything.

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