Why I ride ….

I have been asked a number of times as to why I ride my bike or how I got into cycling.  How I got into cycling  is easy.  We were on a family vacation up in Michigan and I remember watching a bike race on tv.  This particular bike race happened to be the Tour de France and it was the summer of 1986, the first time (and only time) an american has ever won the Tour.  I was 10.

I went home after that vacation and rode my bike, a lot.  Well what I thougth was a lot.   In reality it was probably only like 5 miles or something like that.  My parents probably thought I was crazy or nuts or both (I’m sure they still think that today).  My parents were supportive.  I just had to wear my helmet and stay within the city limits.  The summer turned into winter and well I did not know about rule #5 so there was no riding in the winter.  Although I know about about rule #5 now, I still don’t ride much in the winter!

Not sure what the draw was to cycling.  Maybe it was the freedom to just ride around town.  I tried baseball for 3 years.  I HATED it.  The last year I wanted to quit but my parents would not let me.  I was part of a team and it was not fair to the team they said.  I really disliked them that summer.  I do thank them for it now though.  So I rode my bike to baseball practice and than around town and than home.  I finally towed the line for my first race at 13 .. the rest is history.

But back to WHY I ride.  You know, I honestly have no idea.  I never really thought about it much.  I just like it.  Everyone has their hobbies right?  I guess I could of chosen to of been a  gamer, stripper, prostitue, coke head, fire twiller, or even a hula hooper (would have been cheaper)!   But no, I chose cycling.  I don’t ride to stay in shape.  I don’t ride to get my 30 minutes of exercise a day that they say I need.  Hell any cyclist knows I don’t ride for the money or chicks (although chicks in spandex does have its pluses)!  I like the freedom of the road.  The speed of riding.  Pushing myself physicall and mentally.  Feeling that feel after a really hard ride or race.  It’s a sense of accomplishment.  It’s a peace of mind.  I also ride for the comradity with others.  There are a LOT of fun and interesitng people in cycling.  They all have their own stories.  I guess I also ride for my state of mind.  My better half notices it when I don’t get a ride in.  she says I get crabby (I beg to differ).  Even during this past winter she told me she wishes nicer weahter would get here so I could go ride and not be moody anymore!  I never noticed it before, but I guess others do.   That is fascinating to me.

Monday through Friday  I sit at my  desk and stare out my window.  I count down the time till 5 o’clock, than its time to hit the road on 2 wheels.  So I guess that is why I ride.  Not very exciting is it?  Kind of boring.  It is way more fun to not think about why you ride.  Just go ride!  Don’t be a thinker, be a doer!! (or a do-her)

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